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Ridgeway PTA Meeting Minutes

General Meeting of Ridgeway PTA

March  12, 2024

7:00 pm at Ridgeway School


Attendees: (23)

Amy Handelsman 

Kelli Teglas 

Liz Trepp 

Taryn Friedman 

Cait Webster

Evis Rucaj 

Lauren Kraver

Michaela Baumann

Rebecca Burnstein

Jessica Woodford

Barbara McCannn

Joanna Efstathiou-Dittmas

Melissa Dorchak

and various members of the Ridgeway Community


PTA Bylaws Approval - Amy Handelsman

All members present voted to approve the bylaws to meet a quorum.

Readathon - Kelli Teglas

  • A huge success so far.  

  • Over $12,000 raised and 473,000 minutes read!

  • Money will go to the outdoor classroom.  We have been working on layouts and ordering items for this and it will be installed over the summer. For our next meeting we will have plans to look out.  

  • Celebratory parade scheduled for Thursday at 9:15.  Parents are welcome. Popsicles will be distributed.  Kids have been reading a lot in the classroom. There were a lot of fun events.  

State Testing Presentation - Dr. Crawford and Mr. Robles

  • ELA April 9-10  (Grades 3-5)

  • Math April 30-1  (Grades 3-5)

  • Science May 13 (only grade 5)

NYSed parent guide will be sent out

Test will be computer based.  The teachers are showing students how to use the electronic tools. It will be taken on an ipad through an app called Questar. Students can go back and check work.  It also shows which multiple choice questions the students have answered and skipped before they submit.  We do have enough plug in keyboards for each ipad if students would like to use it.

Students with IEP and 504 plans will receive the appropriate accommodations. 

If students finish early they remain in the room until the suggested time is over.  Students can read a paper book and have water bottles. 

Test format was explained to parents and sample questions shown.  

How you can support your child at home?  Read and respond to reading/practice problems.  Have students orally share their thinking or how they solved the problem with you and have them point out evidence they are using to support their thinking. Make sure they get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. 

Parent Questions

What is done with the score? 

Test scores are mailed home. The scores are used in the district the following year when making groups to make sure we meet the needs of learners and close the gap for some students. District just implemented NWEA.  Scores are looked at to see how academic instruction can be improved.  By the end of the year the school wants to be able to give us a score by the end of the year. 

There is a makeup day?  If a child is sick, and which will be set by Dr. Crawford.

School Drop Off

Dr. Crawford brought up etiquette during school drop off.  Parents should not get out of the car (children need to get out on their own), feed their children breakfast, and pass one another. Students cannot be left at school before the doors open.  Parents need to be respectful to one another and should not pass cars on the line. 

Parent Questions

A parent asked, what time is pick up during a half day schedule?  All students need to be out of the building by 12.  Car and walker door dismisses first at  11:45 am.  Buses leave around 12 but may be earlier.  

Executive board positions that need filled

  • Corresponding Secretary - deals with logistics for events. Deals with facility management.

  • VP Fundraising - oversees Turkey Trot and Readathon

  • Co VP of Events - work with Jessica - run events like back to school picnic, halloween, etc.

  • Program and Assemblies - 2 positions

  • Special needs rep - 2 positions

  • VP Philanthropy 

Book Fair April 3-5

Field Trips - There will be one field trip away and one in house field trip this year due to bussing issues. 

Upcoming Events

3/14 - Book fair parade - parents invited

3/21 - Rock your socks for world syndrome day

4/13- Playground playdate (more info to come)

4/16-Digital Consciousness Assembly - Upper grades 3-5 during the day and  7pm PTA Meeting for discussion with parents

4/26 - Grandparents day 

Friday in April - Wear blue for Autism awareness

5/3 - Global carnival


PTA Council update  - Barbara McCann

5/18 - Free book fair - looking for donations and spanish books

4/7  - WP Yankee game being organized

June - community color run



VIneyard Vines shirts are for sale $30 child/$35 adult - district wide fundraiser  - Due 3/22

Book Vending Machine

Book vending machine has been refilled twice.  Save your gently used books so we can use them for this.  Every child will get one this year (it is a raffle). Next year it may be used differently.