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Ridgeway Daily Procedures

Daily School Procedures

ABSENCES:You may call the school office (422-2081) as early as 7:30 am if your child is going to be absent. Please let us know at that time if you would like to pick up homework.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please remember to update your phone and address information by calling the office whenever there is a change. Should your child become ill while at school or there is another emergency, we need working current phone numbers in order to contact you.

END OF DAY PROCEDURES: In order for us to ensure safety, if your child is not going home in the regular way please write a note to inform us. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Please listen to WFAS (1230 AM, 103.9 FM) on the radio or watch channel 77, the school TV station for updates. Parents who are not at home during the day should make provisions for their children to go to the home of a friend or neighbor if bad weather requires an early closing of school.  An alternate emergency phone number should be given to the child, filed with the school, and updated when there are any changes. Bulletins also will be broadcast by radio stations WCBS (880 AM) and WINS (1010 AM) in New York. Television Stations WNYW (Channel 5) and News 12 (Channel 12) will carry announcements as well.

LOST AND FOUND: Please label all your child's clothing, lunch boxes, book bags, etc. If your child is missing anything, please check our "Lost and Found" racks located in the hallway outside the cafeteria.

VISITORS: To ensure the safety of all of our students, all visitors must report to the school office upon entering a building in order to receive a visitor's pass.